Let’s beginĀ 

Without and end in sight, I’m going to recount my struggle with addiction and my fall from “having it all.”

I use that term loosely “having it all” because I may have possessed achievements and objects, but that was my complete misconception of life. What I have learned through a rough go at 43 years is that chasing symbols is exchanging your spirit for symbols of your spirit. 

It took me getting stopped and booked for the latest in a 23 year string of drunk driving arrests and being sentenced to 60 days in the Denver County Jail, to discover that my true spirit and the happiness I was hoping to discover was in front of me all along – it was everything I could see, touch, taste, smell and feel. 

During that 60 days I began to discover that success in life was really about having an expansion of my own happiness and that the goals that I set forth in my life should include enjoying the process not the attachment to the final product. 

What I began to develop was a relevance to the true nature of what success is to me and to keep homeostasis in my life I must strive to have the following: a strong and healthy body, freedom from mental torment, peace and happiness, and overall well-being. When life leads me astray from these boundaries I will nurture the seeds of divinity inside of me to bring myself back. 

That’s hard sometimes!

It all started for me with one concept and that was to appreciate the life I have, period. My daughters smile, my wife’s caress, watching a bird fly by, a warm sunny day in February. When I began to experience my life as a wondrous creation – just for me, I realized that true happiness is always present and part of that comes from how I choose to perceive it. 

This blog will detail that journey as well as look at life lessons I’ve learned as an avid CrossFit athlete (CrossFit Games – 2015), A coach, an alcoholic, a daddy, and a husband. I hope you will join me as I detail my story. 

The Morning Gargoyle